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Garment Care

Tips To Care For Your Clothes


Remove polythene from your cleaned items before putting them away.This will allow them to breath and help to protect their colour.

Hang most garments on wood and delicate items on fabric hangers to help them keep their shape.

Dry clean regularly to extend the life and preserve the colour of your clothing and soft furnishings. dry cleaning is much kinder to many fabrics as it doesn''t distort the fibres as water and detegents can do.

Don''t store keys or change in pockets as this puts strain on seams and may stretch the fabric.

An outfit should be cleaned together so if there is a slight colour loss it won''t be noticeable.

Always remove belts, leaving them in the loops can stretch the fabric and cause wrinkles.


Always ensure your garments are cleaned before storage to remove odours and stains which will become permanenet, especially with wools and other natural fibres as food stains will attract moths.

Moths will lay their eggs on your clothing and when the grubs hatch they munch away at your clothing. This will result in tiny holes or will weaken the fibres so that when your garment is cleaned the fibres disintegrate and form holes.

To protect your clothes from moths - place aromatic sachets, wooden blocks or balls in with your garments. Every few months reactivate with a few drops of moth repellent, essential oils (cedarwood, lavender, lemongrass, geranium, to name a few), especially at the beginning of each winter.


Assisit The Garment Spa:

Your garments are our responsibility as well as yours and to assist us in delivering the best possible results it would be helpful if you would list any stains you are aware of.

We always check for stains and pre-spot which helps to eliminate stains. Not all stains are removed, especially if they''ve been pressed into the garment as many stains can become heat set. there is a very good chance of removing stains if you inform us when you leave your garment with us.

Please don''t be tempted to try to remove stains yourself. This can make the problem worse and make the removal of the stain more difficult or impossible.

Invisible stains are stains which aren''t noticeable like apple or grapefruit juice. These stains are invisible until they are cleaned then it is too late to remove them because in most cases they have become heat set.


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