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Suede & Leather

The cleaning of skins is a specialist process and there are very few companies in the UK who actually clean and complete the process themselves.

The Garment Spa can guarantee your specialist garments are cleaned and finished by us at our plant in Denbigh so you know at all times where they are and that we’ll take great care of them.

Before cleaning your skin there are certain things we need to take into consideration to ensure the best possible results.

Your garment will be assessed for:

Attached trimmings andhow they''ve been fixed. Sometimes, if adhesive has been used this can disintegrate during the cleaning process, resulting in the attached piece loosening or coming away from the garment altogether.

The colour of  your garment. If your garment is of different shades then the darker colour  may bleed into other parts of the garment, especially if there are lighter colours e.g. panels or stitching. If this is the case certain parts will have to be masked off and treated separately.

After the above has been assessed your garment will be carefully pre-spotted for stains and treated accordingly. Unfortunately sometimes, especially with suede, stains can penetrate into the skin and become impossible to remove completely but can be improved.

Your garment will then be individually dry cleaned on a delicate programme, in clean solvent with a special oil additive to re-texture and replace your skins natural oils.

After cleaning, your garment will again be scrutinised for spots and stains to ensure all, if any, have been removed.

Finally, your garment will be finished by hand. Suede will be re-tinted and gently brushed and leather will be oiled to restore their natural appearance. When leather is oiled the skin becomes slightly darker so it''s always better to get matching pieces cleaned at the same time.

I hope this gives you a little insight into this specialised process and if you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us – 01745 813312.



100% Care and Professional Service


Cardigan/Sweater with Suede/Leather Patches from 
Coat - Short  
Coat - Long  
Jacket - with coloured panels  
Sheepskin Coat  
Skirt - Short  
Skirt - Long  


When having your skins cleaned make sure you  use someone experienced in leather and suede - inexperienced dry cleaners can cause more harm than good.

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