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Duvet Cleaning

Duvet and Pillow Cleaning

When was the last time you had your duvet and pillows cleaned?


Experts are recommending you have your duvet and pillows cleaned at least every six months or more often if you suffer from allergies due to the existence of house dust mites.


You spend about a third of your life in bed but did you know you’re never alone. Every night, you could be sleeping with up to 20,000 house dust mites (Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus). Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye and there are forty-seven known species, eleven of those have been found in our beds.


A large percentage of house dust is made up of dead skin – and it’s the dead skin, house dust mites live off. As the average human sheds about 600,000 particles of skin every hour, equating to one and a half pounds (680 grammes) every year – we are constantly providing them with a hearty feast. Within one gramme of house dust you are likely to find approximately 5,000 house dust mites.


They thrive in dark, moist, warm environments making your bed, duvet and pillows a perfect dwelling place for these little pests. They also like curtains, rugs, carpets and soft toys – however clean your home is, you’ll always have house dust mites.


They live between three to seven weeks and produce 200 times their own body weight in faeces – 2,000 droppings in a lifetime. The house dust mite produces a gut enzyme that’s still active in their faeces – this is what causes many people to experience an allergic reaction, such as, asthma, skin irritations, sinusitis and ear problems.


You will never eliminate house dust mites completely but you can help to reduce them. Always change your bed once a week, vacuum your mattress and give your pillows a good shake outside. Each morning, turn your bed down and open your bedroom window for a couple of hours – they don’t like the light or cold. You’ll also find your bed feels a lot fresher when you get into it at night and will assist in a more refreshing sleep.


At The Garment Spa your duvets are individually laundered in a large commercial washing machine which gives your duvet plenty of room to open up and get thoroughly cleansed. They are dried in large tumble dryers giving ample space for your duvet to circulate properly, allowing it to dry evenly.


Regardless of which process you choose for your duvet, each one will be gently and individually laundered and conditioned using specialist fabric shampoos and conditioners with anti-bacterial properties for extra softness and freshness. Your duvet will be returned to you, compactly packed, in a re-useable, breathable storage bag. This will keep your duvet, clean and fresh until you’re ready to use it.


When your duvet is ready for a re-clean, bring it back to us in your storage bag and we’ll give you a small reduction off the cleaning price.


To give you more benefits for you to choose from we have introduced different treatments for your duvet:


Garment Spa Luxury Cleanse – this is our original duvet cleaning treatment were specialist fabric shampoo containing enzymes are used. With the assistance of mechanical action the enzymes break down protein stains like grease and sweat giving your duvet a brighter, cleaner appearance, to look like new.


Garment Spa Luxury Sensitive – extremely sensitive skin can sometimes have an allergic reaction to enzymes contained in some fabric shampoos. The formulations used for this treatment is more gentle and excludes the use of enzymes. Even though your duvet will have had a thorough cleanse it may not look as bright in appearance compared to the original cleaning treatment.


Garment Spa Specialist Cleanse – this process is to ensure the eradication of house dust mites. The cleaning process is the same as our Luxury Cleanse or Luxury Sensitive (depending on which you choose) but with higher temperatures for sustained periods of time throughout the washing and drying processes. This is a treatment we would recommend if you suffer from dust mite allergies. Due to the higher temperatures it’s not as kind to your duvet.






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