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Equine Cleaning Services

Equine Services

Equine Cleaning For You And Your Horse

Expert laundering, re-proofing and repairs for your horse rugs and other equine accessories.


Your horse is as susceptible to bacteria as you are so a well cleaned rug is an essential part to keeping your horse, clean, comfortable and healthy.

To take the greatest care and give you the optimum results you expect we use state-of-the-art, commercial machinery, programmed specifically for the needs of your horse’s rug.


Initially your rug will be sluice washed to remove all excess dirt and mud then gently washed using Nikwax products. These improve water repellency and insulation, therefore maintaining breathability, keeping your horse warm and comfortable as well as increasing the longevitiy of your rug.  


When your rug is over two years old, it’s advisable to have it re-proofed each year. Nikwax re-proofing solution is added to the wash cycle ensuring the complete rug, including the wadding is treated effectively.


After the washing cycle has been completed your rug will be either air dried or gently tumble dried on a low temperature, depending on the type of rug, then neatly packed ready to come back to you.


Repairs are made with precision, to the highest standard. Colours and fabrics are matched as carefully as possible to give you satisfactory results, every time. Damaged components are always replaced with new.


We are fully insured and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee along with a fast, efficient turn around you can trust and rely on.








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