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Curtain Cleaning

Specialist Curtain Cleaning

Specialist Curtain Cleaning to keep your curtains in the best condition




Not only is it important to have your curtains cleaned regularly to keep them fresh and looking great but also to increase their longevity.


As well as looking beautiful in your home they also play a very useful and functional role. They block out light and darkness, drafts, sound, heat and cold as well as acting as an effective air filter, capturing smells, dust, skin particles and smoke, which left uncleaned, will eventually damage the fabric.


The cleanability of your curtains will vary depending on the fabric, age, length of time since they’ve been cleaned and their exposure to ultra violet light that causes a break down in the fibres.


It is important to have your curtains cleaned together as no fabric is 100% colourfast.


When you send your curtains to The Garment Spa for dry cleaning you can be assured we will take the greatest care, using our extensive knowledge of textiles, over 50 years of experience and traditional hand-finishing techniques.


Initially your curtains will be measured accurately so you are charged the correct price then they will be thoroughly checked and assessed so the most beneficial treatment is chosen for your curtains.





They will then be dry cleaned at a low temperature in organic, virgin perc solvent that remains at a static temperature throughout the cleaning process. The temperature used is for delicate items – 30 revolutions per minute for 4 minutes with 4 second tumble clockwise with a rest for 8 seconds then a tumble, anti-clockwise for 4 seconds. They are then dried for 40 minutes at 30 revolutions per minute.


If your curtains are smoked damaged or need deodorising the process is slightly more rigorous. They have a double bath, effectively cleaned twice in solvent for 10 minutes with a 20 seconds tumble in each direction with a 2 second rest at 36 revolutions per minute. A specialist deodorising soap is added to the first cleaning cycle. The second clean, is in freshly, distilled solvent. They are then dried for 40 minutes at 30 revolutions per minute.


After cleaning, they are finished by hand on a large, steam curtain bed before they are gently folded and put on to strong drapery hangers which are protected by a robust cardboard tube to prevent your curtains being lined.


We recommend you have your curtains cleaned annually to protect them or three to four times a year if someone in your household suffers from allergies.


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